The sharp lines  will always be in, but more and more we’re noticing a softening of furniture silhouettes, with curved edges and feminine shapes rising to the forefront. 

2022 will show more focus on furniture expression as an artwork in its own right. Furniture , now , is becoming more refined and is about the marrying of form with function think softer curves that show off a beautiful naked back. People are looking for comfortability along with fun, cool and outstanding pieces that will make a space look interesting and notable.

Curves are both feminine and forgiving, which makes a room feel directly more cozy . If you want to incorporate some bold colors into a room, curves make for the perfect combo, as they lend so well to big, bold designs.

You can have a look to our  customized design of curved sofa – BEAN : 

*residential project by Klirco Furnishings - Just Interni Home Collection