RoadTrip Bar & Grill

RoadTrip Bar&Grill is an exceptional sports bar, like no other, in Griva Digeni Avenue, Engomi.

It’s huge inner space is filled with large TV’s for the exposure of all kind of sports and activities. The American style image we wanted to approach, required the decor and the furnishing to give an industrial style to the bar. This casual place to be, required also high quality chairs and tables to provide maximum comfort to the long-sitting sports fans.

The industrial design furnishing and decor and the wisely selected colors are the result and decision of the project’s Interior Designer perception!

Interior designer’s point of view

Road trip is based on a New York design concept that the original idea was to create a multifunction venue that can host different events and the same time a place where everyone can enjoy a nice lunch, dinner or an after work drink. The high ceilings, the wooden details and clean cut lines in the design help creating the character that we were aiming for. To emphasize the whole atmosphere we added design details that give to customers the feeling of being on a “ROAD TRIP”. Klirco furnishings with their unique furniture design added the extra detail to the final touch of the space.

Vasiliki Stylianou
Tel. 99414171
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