Preserve Lounge Bar

The Preserve Lounge Bar, located in the historic Ermou Street, has been a cornerstone of Larnaca’s night scene for many years, preserving the old with a touch of glamour and good taste.

Entering the bar, you will find an old preserved building, built in yellow stone, a remembrance of the good old days. Walk through its wooden doors and into the new age, full of glamour and finesse.

The bar’s furnishing consists of high modern and stylish stools for the ones who prefer the bar location, and chic luxury chairs that go along with the rectangular dark tables for the visitors who join for meal, coffee or other beverage.

Preserve, as the name suggests, is here to stay, offering entertainment to people who will simply not compromise for anything less.

Interior designer’s point of view

Preserve was established in1997 and is located in the most popular area of Larnaca’s city centre. The striking architecture of the building, which dates back to the early 1900s, combined with the might of Preserve’s stone interior were guiding principle throughout the design process. The goal was to create a timeless space, which would be warm and cosy, where guests could start off with their breakfast and end up with a drink in their hand. In order to emphasis the stone wall, the colour black was utilised in combination with warm and ambient lighting.

Andros Ropalis

[email protected]