Initially in Larnaca and now a second shop located on the borders, in a perfect spot in the old town of Nicosia.

Kalamaki Bar is the modern Greek bistro bar, owned by Cypriots, providing the traditional Greek food you can find in Greece.

From the unique design and decor of the bistro, you can distinguish the high quantity of red color everywhere around the bistro. That was Klirco Furnishings' task, according to the bistro's Interior Designer Ms. Efi Polydouli!

Custom made designed chairs to provide the best possible comfort and use of the top manufacturing materials for maximum durability!



Interior designer's point of view

«Kalamaki bar is an all-day restaurant in Phinicoudes. The main idea of this project was to create a modern Greek butchery. That's why we worked closely with Klirco Furnishings to create specially customized products.
Materials, colors and forms combine the idea of the butchery and the traditional elements of Greece.

Special elements of the project, the high wooden counters, remind us the space of a real butchery. Red metal parts at our external tables in conjunction with red chairs giving in the design the sense of raw meat.

The small wooden tables of interior furnishings are surrounded with a metal range with special studs. Elements that blend perfectly with the other details of the remaining space and give a special atmosphere of a modern Greek butchery."

Effie Polydouli
Interior Design & Event Planning
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