Crystal Springs Beach Hotel

Visiting an outstanding hotel like Crystal Springs Beach Hotel, a man looks for luxury and a place to rest.

This was one of the project’s challenges, aiming for the construction of a furnishing that will fulfill the outdoor image of the hotel and provide the required rest and comfort to the guests.

As the outdoor furniture is highly exposed in the sun and sea salt, the big and comfortable sofas are made by high-quality solid wood and the superior luxury pillows aim to provide the best and relaxing sitting position. The big round chairs are specially made for long-hours seating and relaxation.

The modern design and the wisely selected furnishing colors are the result and decision of the project’s Interior Designer perception!

Interior designer’s point of view

While designing the pool side area of Crystal springs hotel, in Protaras, we were faced with the challenge of combining the existing white structures, with furniture that would bring life to the space. Our vision was for this outdoor area to look elegant and inviting but at the same time be practical and comfortable. We decided that the warmth of walnut armchairs and sofas, together with some fresh white marble tables, would make the space welcoming for guests of all ages. All the materials we used for the seating are from durable, easy-to-clean fabrics in grey tones with some blue accent pillows, to match the general color scheme of the hotel. As a final touch, Klirco was able to provide us some pieces of tree trunks that we spread around to be used as stools or side tables!

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Interior Architect

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