B.R. Hub pub is the place in Strovolos where you can enjoy beer, pub food and chat with friends or business associates.

It is also the place where you can sit comfortably with your friends and family, and enjoy sports events or classic rock background music with high quality cold beer and delicious pub food.

The furnishing of the pub and specifically the sofas and bar stools we carefully selected, designed and hand crafted by Klirco Furnishings in cooperation with the pub's Interior Designer Vasiliki Stylianou, to ensure maximum comfort and of course to fulfill the design requirements of the pub!

Another superb custom built and design project by Klirco Furnishings!



Interior designer's point of view

"BR Hub is a warm, cozy place with industrial design and clear distinctive lines. Every corner is unique and gives style and identity to the space. The wooden roof and columns together with the air conditioning ducts enhance a strong view to the design and warmth the place. The soft lighting comes to complete the environment. The unique and comfortable leather chairs are an important part that characterizes the identity of the premises. The design of the open kitchen was born to strengthen the friendly feeling between the client and the food."

Vasiliki Stylianou
Tel. 99414171
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