An amazing place for all times during the day located in the center of Nicosia!

A concept, that originates from Paris and is very popular throughout the world delivering a unique and pleasurable dining experience. The word 'bistro' comes from the Russian 'By-stro' which means quickly!

Working on this project in cooperation with the bistro's interior designer Ms. Tatiana Violari, we concentrated all the effort, to give to the bistro the required style and design which would remind known chic restaurants and bars throughout Europe. We designed our furnishing to match the unique black and white floor, the cooper look lighting and combine simplicity with comfort!

As a result, a perfect combination of tables with a high simplicity grade, beautiful and comfortable chairs in a variety of colors that match to the bistro's profile and well-designed stools for the bar!



Interior designer's point of view

"The challenge was to create a space that would look inviting from early morning through the late hours of the night. The colors had to look good in daylight as well as in candlelight. The bespoke furniture had to be comfortable and the style suitable for all ages. I was looking to create an elegant yet understated environment where you could have breakfast and lunch and want to return for drinks or dinner all in the same day! I was inspired by Paris and its small bistros, in particular "Monsieur Bleu" a restaurant in the new wing of the Palais de Tokyo designed by the famous architect Adrien Dirand. Cut from the mould of Monsieur Bleu, 48 Bistro had to be toned down to suit our lifestyle in Cyprus. Its unique combination of great simple bistro food makes it convivial, lively and intimate. The gentrification of the Old Town, Eleftherias Square and Makarios Avenue once completed should make 48 Bistro a true experience and destination both for locals and tourists".

Tatiana Violari by Grey 3 Designs
Art Consultant-Interior Designer
Nicosia-Athens-New York
Tel: +35799648864
Fax: +35722666725
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